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Puppies are almost ready to move to new homes. They are running and playing - having fun together.

Puppies playing at 7 weeks old

15th October we had show in Rakvere, Estonia. Nelli (Lumivyöryn Raifutaimu Ravu) and Riemu (Lumivyöryn Riaru Reishitsu) became Estonian Champions. Rico (Lumivyöryn Tosi Inkkari) was BOB-junior and really naked Kirppu (Lumivyöryn Ureshisou) got just good training.

16th October Raisu passed MH-test. It was really interesting experience.

I have forgot to introduce our latest import. We got nice little boy from St. Petersburg, Russia. He is officially Baltik Lain Arctic Fox and we call him Foksi. He is now 9 months old. You can find his pedigree on his Finnish page.

Foksi 7 month on the left and 9 months on the right

W-litter is already 3 weeks old. They are really brisk little Japanese Spitzes.

Last weekend we travelled in Åland for a show. We had more time to look around than usually and we did see many beautiful places. When we had a nice walk in Bomarsund, we saw a pack of sheeps. Maybe Inkkari would like to be a sheepdog because after the photo abowe was taken I noticed that he was on the other side of fence. His leash was quite short so we didn't see how he could work as a sheepdog - and I think it was really good thing for the sheeps :)

Sheeps in Bomarsund

30th August was Vilma's 16th birthday! It is so great that she is still with us and such a good condition. She still keeps doing some tricks, like messing with garbage bags and stealing food :)

Vilma 16 years old

Last weekend we had show in Vantaa. We got really nice results again. Huge was with us after long pause and he was BOB. His mother Bella BOB-veteran and 2nd best female. Great result for 12 years old girl. Then we had young Riemu, Nelli and Sindi in the ring. Sindi was 3rd best female with RES-CAC in her first official show as 9 months old :)

At the same time Luna and Hoppu were in Sastamala. Luna got excellent and that was great result because she is still young and needs more time to develop. Hoppu was 3rd best male with RES-CAC.

Younger Rico travelled also to Vantaa to get used to shows. He got nice training and we got couple of new pictures too.

Rico, Lumivyöryn Tosi Inkkari

Arisa had pyometra but she didn't have typical symptoms and the vets we visited couldnt find real reason. Finally she was operated but she got so bad complications that all this was too much for her. It was a really sad that she passed away 17th July. We will miss her really really much.

Little Yokohama Arisa 22.7.2004 - 17.7.2011

We had really busy June but I think we will be busy in future too... 11st June was special show for Japanese Spitzes in Alavus. We had many puppies in puppy classes and they all got good experience for showing. Sindi, Lumivyöryn Tosi Ihana, was BOS-puppy and her brother Pyry, Lumivyöryn Tosi Vikkelä, was 2nd in his class with prize of honour. Juki (Lumivyöryn Special Edition) won junior class with excellent. Helmi (Beauty) was 2nd in open class with excellent and CQ.

Next weekend we travelled to Pärnu, Estonia with Sirkku. I had Juki (Lumivyöryn Special Edition), Riemu (Lumivyöryn Riaru Reishitsu) and Bella (Lumivyöryn Afrodite) with me. Juki was BOB-junior and got his first junior-certificate. Riemu was 2nd best male. Bella was 2nd best female and BOB-veteran.

This year we had little bit different Midsummer. We travelled to St. Petersburg, Russia, for 2 shows with Kaisa and Kirsi. We saw interesting driving and some parts of roads were quite exotic in daylight. When we finally got to St. Petersburg there was problems with our hotel booking. Last challenge was how to get echinococcus treatment marked to dogs passports. We managed to get everything finally but learnt that never travel to Russia without plenty of time. Results were really nice. Inkkari (Lumivyöryn Pikku Hiawatha) was BOB and got CACIB and CAC on both days. Roosa (Lumivyöryn Que Vida) got only CAC on Saturday but Sunday she got CACIB and CAC :)

Last weekend we had a show in Kokkola. It was really nice to meet Pyry (Lumivyöryn Tosi Vikkelä) and his owners again. Sindi (Lumivyöryn Tosi Ihana) had also travelled to Kokkola and these two puppies competed in puppy class. Both got prize of honour and Sindi became BOB-puppy and Pyry BOS-puppy. Inkkari (Lumivyöryn Pikku Hiawatha) was totally naked but still 2nd best male. Roosa (Lumivyöryn Que Vida) was 2nd best female. Old lady Bella (Lumivyöryn Afrodite) was BOB-veteran and 4th best female.

Puppies are really brave little Japanese Spitzes. They are playing and running a lot outside and they have already been many times in car.

Puppies 5 weeks old

21.-22.5. weekend was busy. First on Saturday we went to eye check with Raisu, Riemu and Osku. Everyone of them had healthy eyes. On Sunday it was time to go to Helsinki for a show. Raisu, Osku and Juki had a show day. It was the first show ever for Juki and he did really well. The star of the day was Osku. He was BOB, got CACIB and became International Champion.

Lumivyöryn Ovela Otus & Lumivyöryn Special Edition

4th generation of Lumivyöryn Japanese Spitzes was born on 14th April. Nasu Nasu and Riemu Riemu got 2 girls. Everything went really well.

V-litter 1 week old

Little before the puppies was born we did some health checks to Rico ja Luna. Both have healthy knees and elbows. Rico's hips B/B and Luna's C/C.

Bianca, Lumivyöryn Amber, was visiting in here while her owners were in Italy. Vivi, Lumivyöryn So Sweet, also visited during the Easter. It was really nice to meet them both and also their families :)

Lumivyöryn So Sweet and Lumivyöryn Quebra-Gelos

We spent the May Day on shows. Raisu left earlier to travel, because she was going to Saint Petersburg for a show. Thanks, Kaisa, for taking her with you! Raisu was BOB and got her first CACIB.

We droved to Lahti with many dogs. First we had a group show where we got nice results and couple RES-CAC. Then it was time for puppy show. We had four puppies entered for a show and it was first show for everyone of them. Sindy, Rico, Iines and Naskali all did really well. Naskali was BOS-puppy and Sindy BOB-puppy.

Lumivyöryn Tosi Ihana & Lumivyöryn Tosi Inkkari

Donorei Naskali & Donorei Naksuna

7.5. Riemu was best male and got CAC and CACIB in Tampere. Helmi was 3rd best bitch and got RES-CAC and RES-CACIB which will be CACIB. Just a great day :) Thanks for help at the show day! I wasn't able to go to the show but friends helped a lot and the dogs were still in the ring.

We have also got the results of last years competitions at Finnish Japanese Spitz Association. We got really nice results. Bella was 2nd best veteran and 7th best female. Well done for a old lady who had her 11th birthday during the year :)At puppyclass Luna was 2nd and Raisu 6th. We were 4th among breeders. Kasperi's offspring had also nice results during last year and Kasperi ended up to be 8th among the breeding males. Not bad for a male who have totally 5 puppies :)

Puppies has kept me so busy that I haven't had even time to any updates. Now most of them has left to their new homes. Good luck to you all with your new family members! I need to update new males and females soon. We have many promising puppies growing. I'm excited to see them older :)

A male puppy, Lumivyöryn Unsei, is still looking for a good home.

Lumivyöryn Unsei on 24th February

We had our first shows in this year on 5th and 6th February. First on Saturday we travelled with Osku (Lumivyöryn Ovela Otus) and Bella (Lumivyöryn Afrodite) to Parkano. Osku got his 3rd CAC and became Finnish Champion. Bella was BOB-veteran and 2nd best female. On Sunday it was Inkkari's (Lumivyöryn Pikku Hiawatha) turn to travel with Bella. Inkkari also got his 3rd CAC and became a Champion. Bella got the same results than the day before. So 2 new Champions at the same weekend and 11,5 years old Bella had so nice results on both days. Just great weekend :)

Raisu (Lumivyöryn Reijin Ranman) and Nelli (Lumivyöryn Raifutaimu Ravu) have been checked from knees. Both have officially healthy knees. They both and also Roosa (Lumivyöryn Que Vida) are also checked from hips and elbows but we are still waiting for the results Finnish Kennelclub.

We can look back to year 2010 and remember many nice things. We had many great and unforgettable moments with great friends and dogs. Big thanks to all friends, families to co-owned dogs and dogs I have bred for everything! Many things wouldn't happened without you.

Last year started by travelling. First some show trips to Tartu, Estonia and soon to Slovenia, Poland and Italy. All the results were more than I could wait. Hoppu and Nasu got their last cacibs and became International Champions. Osku and Maisa got the first cacibs. We got couple winner-titles also and Hoppu and Nasu became Polish Champions. Riemu was just training in puppy class and 5 times BOB-puppy.

When we got back home, it was time to take a plane to London with my sister Kati. We did some shopping and travelled back home with full bags and a new puppy, Houndbrae Anastasia. Thank you, Margaret, for this wonderful puppy!

After travelling in January it was time for staying at home. But still we did some quick show trips in Finland and also abroad with nice results. During the spring and summer was time for having fun with the dogs. Raisu liked swimming and all the dogs were really often wet, dirty and happy :)

Later it was time for puppies. Maisa got S-litter in August and in November it was time for Roosa's and Arisa's litters. Maisa's puppies has left to new homes and soon it's time to say good bye to some Roosa's and Arisa's puppies.

We have had many great show results. Many new Champions and Winner-titles:
* Lv VCH Lumivyöryn Afrodite
* Ee CH Lumivyöryn Just Me
* Fi CH Lumivyöryn Just You Wait
* CIB & Fi & Lt CH LtW-10 Lumivyöryn Kul Liten Asagi
* CIB & Pl CH SiW-10 Lumivyöryn Lenda Novo
* CIB & Pl CH SiW-10 Lumivyöryn Linda Branca
* Ee & Fi & Lv CH Lumivyöryn Neige Blanche
* Ee & Lt JCH SiJW-10 LtJW-10 Lumivyöryn Ovela Otus
* Ee JCH Ee CH Lumivyöryn Pikku Hiawatha
* Ee CH Lumivyöryn Päivänsäde
* SiJW-10 LtJW-10 Lumivyöryn Que Vida
* Ee JCH Lumivyöryn Raifutaimu Ravu
* EeJW-10 EeW-10 Lumivyöryn Reijin Ranman
* Ee JCH EeJW-10 EeW-10 Lumivyöryn Riaru Reishitsu
* Ee CH Ee VCH Noidens Love Just Of Power

We have done many health checks during the year with excellent results. Soon it's time to do more to some youngsters.

On December we got a new member to our pack, Pihlajaniemen Akino Kusano

Haiku, Pihlajaniemen Akino Kusano

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