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Year 2009 is almost over and soon we start new year. Year 2009 has brought much joy, sorrow, moments of misery and happiness. Year has definitely been the toughest I have ever had. But it would have been a lot harder without great friends that have stand by through the hard times and rejoiced at the moment of happiness. I can't thank you enough!

Even if this newspage hadn't updated so often, much have happened during this year. February was full of travelling. First we travelled to Norway for mating Arisa. We saw beautiful landscapes and "souveniers" were born in April. So the trip was overall very successfull. Almost right after coming back from Norway we started a new trip with Kati (my sister). First we drove to Switzerland for two shows. The biggest win was BIS-3-veteran placement for Veera. After show weekend we visited in Paris and some other places in France, in Luxembourg and in Netherlands. We had still one show in Netherlands and then we started to drive back to Finland. The trip was unforgettable for many reasons and it was really great that we could do it :)

Spring was a lot more silent. We took part to breeding advisor course organized by Finnish Kennel Club with Kaisa (my friend) and we both passed the course. On Easter we stopped by Stockholm. We had sad incidents because both, Supi and Veera, left us so suddenly. They were so much loved that I even miss the annoying behaviour they had.

Summer was soon over and I think we didn't do anything special. Well, we had puppies :). At the end of summer we came back to shows. We had many great moments in show rings. At special show with NSC Huge was best male and Helmi best female. That was unbelievable. Then BIS-breedersgroup in Tuulos was another great moment. And we had many other great results. Great conclusion to the year was receiving Vuolasvirta-award for very successfull dog breeding. So we could end this year with happy feelings.

We hope the year 2010 will give us more happiness and joy!

We want to wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

In Helsinki I received Vuolasvirta-award from Finnish Kennel Club. I am really proud of this award but I haven't earned it by myself. Thanks to many homes of JS I have bred, my friends, family... Big thanks to you all!

I have been so hurry with some shows that haven't had time for updates. But finally something about last month.

At the begin of November we travelled to Tartu with Sirkku, Nina and some dogs. We had a great time. Big thanks to Sirkku and Nina! Our results were also nice. Osku, Lumivyöryn Ovela Otus, got his first junior CAC and Bella, Lumivyöryn Afrodite, was BOB-veteran and BOS at both days. After visit in Tartu we drove to Jyväskylä. Special congratulations to Nori, Lumivyöryn Querida Doce, who became BOB-puppy! It was really nice to see you!

Last show in November was in Estonia, Sillamäe. We travelled with Sirkku and some dogs. Raisu (Lumivyöryn Reijin Ranman) and Riemu (Lumivyöryn Riaru Reishitsu) were first time at show and they behaved really well and results were also great. Riemu was BOB-baby and Raisu BOS-baby. Osku (Lumivyöryn Ovela Otus) got second junior CAC and was BOB-junior. Finally Hoppu (Lumivyöryn Lenda Novo) was BOB with CAC.

Now we have only Winner 2009 show left in this year. Then we start to wait for Christmas and next year. Next year will be exiting with some health test for our youngster and some shows.

We have had some shows with nice results. For example Nasu (Lumivyöryn Linda Branca) BOB with CAC and Yuki (Lumivyöryn Neige Blanche) BOS with CAC in Tallinn. Inkkari (Lumivyöryn Pikku Hiawatha) was second best male and BOB-junior at the same show. Osku got his first CAC at Tuulos and we had BIS-1 breeders group at the same show.

Yuki's elbows has been judged again at Finnish Kennel Club. Now the result is same than vet told me when he x-rayed him, 0/1.

We had excellent show weekend on 7th, 8th and 9th August with Nina (kennel Donorei). First we travelled to Lithuania with Inkkari (Lumivyöryn Pikku Hiawatha), Osku (Lumivyöryn Ovela Otus), Eetu (Lumivyöryn Just You Wait), Pyry (Lumivyöryn Lingote De Ouro) and Milla (Donorei Baya Naba). Eetu, Pyry and Milla got Cacib, Inkkari was BOB-puppy and Osku got very good totally without coat.

Milla, Eetu, Osku, Pyry and Inkkari in Lithuania

After the shows in Lithuania we travelled back to Finland for NSC Special Show. Huge (Lumivyöryn Hakaku Hansamu) was best male and Helmi (Beauty) best female! That was unbelieable!

Huge best male and Helmi best female

Our puppies are already so big that they have started to move to their new homes.

Here is "Riesa" saying bye bye
Maisa (Lumivyöryn Nouvelle Perle) and Yuki (Lumivyöryn Neige Blanche) have new health results. Both have healthy hips. Unfortunately Yuki had another elbow degree 2. Luckily Maisa is ok.

Puppies are already big. First ones has already moved to their new homes. Good luck! New pictures of them at litter's Finnish page.

Nana (Lumivyöryn Harebare Hakuun) got 4 puppies. More about them at puppies page.


Photos of puppies at 6 weeks old:



Maisa (Lumivyöryn Nouvelle Perle) and Yuki (Lumivyöryn Neige Blanche) has been checked from knees and both are ok. Hip and elbow results we will get in couple of weeks.

Last weekend we were at show in Mänttä. Nana (Lumivyöryn Harebare Hakuun) was BOS :). Huge (Lumivyöryn Hakaku Hansamu) and Nina were at agility competitions during weekend. They got really nice results and next time they will compete in class III. Congratulations again! You are great!

Sad news: Our old lady Veera (Pähkinän Holaj'suisbelle) suddenly passed away. She was really special girl. She had really fun at show rings and she got many champion and winner titles during her life. She was also really eager to do agility and many other things. Above all she was beloved family member who was always happy if she could be with me. I miss you so much!

Some photos of Q-litter at litter's Finnish page.

Huge (Lumivyöryn Hakaku Hansamu) and Nina had two agility competions yesterday with nice result. Congratulations!

Heppu (Lumivyöryn Kul Liten Asagi) has been checked from eyes and everything is still ok :)

Finally something in English.

Veera (Pähkinän Holaj'suisbelle) had 12th birthday on Saturday. Great to have her still in really good condition.

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