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About us

Me, Hoppu (Lumivyöryn Lenda Novo), Nelli (Lumivyöryn Raifutaimu Ravu), Sindi (Lumivyöryn Tosi Ihana) and Inkkari (Lumivyöryn Pikku Hiawatha)
I am the person behind Lumivyöryn Japanese Spitzes. Dogs are my passion and family members. I take breeding seriously but my subsistence doesn't depends on it. I work full-time in electronic shop. As a breeder my goal is to breed happy and friendly companions to live with not to mention comprehensive health and longevity. My breeding stock is officially checked from knees, eyes, hips and elbows.

My every litter is planned for my future breeding so I always want to keep promising puppies by myself. That is the reason I don't usually sell puppies to other breeders.

I have only small pack of dogs living in my home. That is because I want them to live as a family member, sharing my home with me. Most of my JS are living with co-owners. I think it is the best situation for everyone. First of all to dogs who can enjoy their life as a family members and get enough time and care from their own family. I am really grateful for co-owners. Big thanks to you all! My parents and my sister has got the "infection" to Japanese Spitzes from me. Especially my mother is really devoted and we have many co-owned JS together. My mother also helps me alot with puppies and with other dogs when I am showing others. My sister has also 2 Lumivyöryn JS in her home and her daughter, my godchild, Jenna likes dogs too.

My puppies are raised in my home. They get used to normal life, sounds, car, leash. They can play and run a lot - just be happy puppies. Jenna helps me to socialize them to children.

Swimming with Inkkari I like to have fun with my dogs in show rings and we have also got really nice results. But the most important thing for me is that my dogs can live full happy life. Some day they are show dogs - some day they look like everything else but show dogs. But at least they have had fun :)

In my mind Japanese Spitz is lively and happy little dog. They are active dogs that loves to run and play together.They definitely are not toys or decoration. They are beautiful little furry balls but they are still lively dogs.

This website has focus on my breeding and showing. I still want everyone to remember that our daily life is far away from showrings. It is full of walks, plays, sand, mud and some pieces of trees etc. And hopefully I will have every evening tired and happy dogs.

Little bit history

First JS came into our family in 1995. She was Pähkinän Elevee Par Moi, called Vilma. She is still living with me and keeping younger in order as 16 years old. Soon I wanted another JS and then Veera, Pähkinän Holaj'suisbelle, moved in. These two girls took me into new world. Shows, agility, obedience and then breeding.

First Lumivyöryn litter was born in 1999. Now I have bred 24 litters, totally 89 puppies (May 2012). I have bred 24 national champions and 10 international champions and many winners. In 2009 I received Vuolasvirta award from Finnish Kennel Club.


I have some future hopes waiting for what they will give to Lumivyöryn Japanese Spitzes. Some of them have already started in show rings and others will get there soon. I am also really interested to see their offspring - but first they can be just puppies and youngsters.

Where you can find us?

We live in little village called Alhojärvi in Jämsä, in Central Finland. My dogs can run without leash in forests etc. They also have own yard where they can spend time when they want to.

Reetta Minkkinen
Pitkäjärventie 53
42100 Jämsä


Lumivyöryn boys from 4 different combination

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